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04 how we invest

Our Beliefs.

Behind those successful startups we see everyday in the news or on TechCrunch there are thousands of other startups that failed. Launching your own startup is challenging.

Some days you are on top of everything and have the game plan sorted, and some days you doubt everything. Sometimes people understand your vision, sometimes you only meet skeptics.

​There isn't a pattern, there isn't a safety net. But there is a common denominator: the power of passion, perseverance and being in the flow - let's call it the power of STOKE.

We've been there ourselves as founders. With our backs against the wall and our energy levels rock-bottom. So if you get up and show up everyday, if you understand the incredible power of determination, we're here to build with you.

Our Playbook.

We invest early by putting in the work and our determination to help you succeed.

How we do it:


We leverage our relationship to early stage founders, founders who have successful exited their company as well as "failed" founders. Our network of founders is global from digital nomads creating a "company of one" to SaaS founders and surfers who want to life independently to follow the summer.


We facilitate partnerships between our founder community, startups and corporates across various industries to alpha test MVP's, launch pilots, co-develop products, increase distribution, and secure global customers. 


We offer access to a broad network of individuals, operators, investors, academics, industry organisation and advisors that provide ongoing guidance to founders across our community. We help our portfolio startups build momentum behind their brand by the power of our founder community.


We invest time and determination to help you win. We are a big believer that "just" money will not make you successful - it' the people! We invest across the startup journey. And, we maintain a close network of specialist and generalist investors that span from early to late-stage for co-investment and follow-on financings where we act as scouts.


We provide marketing strategy support and produce content to drive awareness for founders and startups across our community. We share growth hacks that have worked in the past in the hope that it'll work for your product & industry 🤞


We conduct and support deep, thematic market research to help founders navigate competitive landscapes and to set them up for success! 


We back people with ideas that change our everyday lifes.

If that's you, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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