01 approach

How we do our Projects.

The Sprint approach to innovation.

  • Business Alignment: Deciding to work on problems that align with the strategy, vision, and resources of the founders & entrepreneurs leveraging Strategyzer's Business Modell Canvas

  • User Research: Getting to know more about the market, users, and competition that surround those problems

  • Design Sprint: Building an understanding of the problem and validating prototyped solutions with potential customers powered by Design Thinking and GV‘s design sprint approach 

  • MVP Planning: Creating a complete picture of your solution and deciding on the minimum valuable product (MVP) you’ll bring to market inside of a Product Roadmap

  • UX Design: Building out the information architecture, interactions, and flow of the human-centered experiences you’ll offer within your solution

  • Visual Design: Giving your solution a style, tone, and interface 

  • Code Sprint: Using a 5 day process to determine the best technology stack, application architecture, and infrastructure for building your product

  • Agile Development: Building the crux of your software solution and launching to market