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How we do our Projects.
The Sprint approach to innovation.

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Founder / Business Alignment 

Deciding to work on problems that align with the strategy, vision, and resources of the founders & entrepreneurs leveraging the Lean Canvas concept.

User & Market Research 

Getting to know more about the market, users, and competition that surround those problems to proof viability early on.

Design Sprint

Building an understanding of the problem and validating prototyped solutions with potential users and customers powered by Design Thinking, Human Centred Design (HCD) and Google Venture‘s "Design Sprint" approach. 

MVP Planning & Roadmapping

Creating a complete picture of your solution and deciding on the minimum valuable product (MVP) you’ll bring to market inside of a Product Roadmap to proof traction as early as possible.

User Experience (UX) Design

Building out the information architecture, interactions, and flow of the human-centered experiences you’ll offer within your solution.

Visual & User Interface Design 

Giving your solution a style, tone, and interface based on your brand identity.

(No) Code  Sprint 

Using a 5 day process to determine the best no code technology stack, application architecture, and infrastructure for building your product or service.

Agile Development & Operations 

Building the crux of your software solution and launching to market... 🚀

All of those Sprints can be done stand alone or combined as needed. 

Drop us a message if you want to know more how we work!

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