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02 about us

A Startup & Innovation Studio. 

We are a micro no-code Startup & Innovation Studio supporting Founders, Innovators and Start-ups' on Strategy, Design, User Experience (UX) and no code Technology delivering digital products and services. As founders ourselves, we incubate our own ideas and products as well as sharing our skill set with the community (want to learn more get on our founder circle waitlist).

We use several types of Sprints throughout the delivery of digital products and services. Once business alignment has been proven we are starting off with Design Sprints (known from google Ventures) to compress work that would usually take months into days. Similarly with the UX & UI Sprints followed by (no) Code Sprints! Last but not least we us latest Agile development methodologies to make things happen.


This fast-paced, agile approach to product design has already proven itself as the right way to make the most of the available resources, be it time, budget or team.

Nowadays businesses need to move fast, ship products, learn from the market and iterate to keep the competitive advantage – that can’t happen if the venture studio, creative agency and tech guys are still figuring out how to include every member of their 100-man team. That's why we using no code tools as much as we can to deliver value as fast as we can!


Whether you need to create a new product from scratch, drastically improve an existing product/service or want to give your team an innovation kick, STOKEVENTURES has you covered.

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